Love For The Future

Let’s keep it real: planning a wedding can be, without a doubt, stressful and overwhelming. The tension of everyday life is more than enough on its own, and even the chillest and serene bride-to-be will be pushed to her limits. You’ll use your lunch hour to run wedding errands and forget to eat or might seem as though you are starring as the leading lady of your own episode of Bridezillas.

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Something Lovely Wedding Event: MIDORI Favor Bar

The premier of the Something Lovely Wedding Event, California’s newest high-end wedding showcase on September 29th at the gorgeous Laguna Beach venue {Seven-Degrees} was definitely a true success. We were so pleased with how everything turned out. The curated event was filled with cutting-edge wedding vendors & resources, luxe gift bags and inspiration galore – definitely resonated of all things fashion-forward for the modern bride. Each guest enjoyed a fashion show inspired by couture, got to sample delicious hors d’oeuvres & delectable cakes, sipped bubbly, learned from a panel of experts in a Q&A session and received a free gift bag! (Let me not forget to mention the oh so yummy organic coconut flavored cotton candy we got from Cloe of Bon Puf Cotton Candy – seriously the BEST cotton candy EVER!) The gorgeous brides-to-be even got to hang out with us at MIDORI’s favor bar and create one-of-a-kind wedding favors to take home. It was so much fun getting to hang out with every single one of you!

 A big thanks to Shannon Paigah for making this event possible.

Ps. Congratulations to the winner of the Safari by from the Imaginary Lines by MIDORI collection – ENJOY!


5 Things NOT To Do At A Wedding!

1.      Don’t wear white.

Such a no brainer! Unless you were asked to do so, let the bride shine on HER day!

2.      Don’t get messy drunk.

Keep it classy. You’ll end up being the joke for years to come.

3.      Don’t ask the DJ to “turn it up” or request you and your significant others “song”.

They’ve been waiting on this magical moment forever. They’ve planned every little detail from how they are going to walk up the aisle to the little ribbon details on the wedding favors – it’s their night. They’ve probably even spent the last 6 months planning 2 hours’ worth of songs to play at the reception – don’t go messing that up!

4.      Don’t wear revealing or skimpy clothes.

Now you all know what I am talking about! Don’t get me wrong, we want you to look your best – you might just meet your own Prince Charming at the reception but PLEASE leave the club outfits at home!

5.      Don’t bring uninvited guests.

Not really much to explain here, if they didn’t get a formal invitation or if the bride and groom have no clue of this stranger…don’t bring them. Do not try and re-make Wedding Crashers, they weren’t invited for a reason.

MIDORI Honeymoon Style

In honor of the official launch of our NEW Handbags by MIDORIImaginary Lines collection, we wanted to share some of our favorite honeymoon getaway styles. Whether you’re flying out to sip on refreshing coconut juice on the beaches of the Caribbean or trying fresh gazpacho beachfront in Spain, show off your sun-kissed skin this summer. Haven’t packed yet? Relax, we’ve got you covered. Keep it simple and light – less is definitely more! We’ll have you saying “bring on the margaritas” in no time.

Check out our picks below:

Kick your feet up or feel the sand beneath your toes; get ready to unwind with the love of your life.

 Here’s a toast to the newlyweds!

PS. Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen!

Let Your Natural Beauty Shine on Your Big Day

As a tribute to the make-down of beauteous brides everywhere, save the “cake” for the dessert plates – natural makeup is where it’s at this wedding season. We look on as our MIDORI empress dons a flawless, fresh face to beat the coming heat in a wedded tale of hot summer romance. In these cherished moments of sentiment, your mate will have no other wish than to stare into your striking eyes and natural beauty. Try a bit of tinted blush to highlight the inborn flush of rising body temperatures that say “pinch me, is this really happening?”

Decor Inspiration: Paper Cranes

According to ancient Japanese tradition, friends and family of a marrying couple hand-fold one thousand cranes in a supreme act of generosity that promises years of paradise and blossoming prosperity for the husband and wife to-be. It is believed that if crafted within the year of the wedding, a wish of eternal good luck will be granted.

The time and energy put into a these hand-folded origami cranes symbolize the patience and trust necessary to sustain a happy life, marking the beginnings of a beautiful journey ahead. A full spectrum of POP, delicately strung by way of an artistic touch that is never too much. These paper birds of a feather are sure to flock together, providing love and luck on your big day and ever after.

To DIY your own cranes, use your favorite MIDORI Gift Wrap and check out this tutorial from Camille Styles.

Introducing…the MIDORI Bridal Lookbook

There’s a story of true love that exists here on these MIDORI pages. A tale of uncontrollable desires and undeniable longings that tug on the heart strings of two unsuspecting sweethearts. Here’s to true love and a fresh glance at our Bridal Lookbook…

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Bold Ribbon Accessories

Has the thought of wrapping yourself up in silky Double Faced Satin suddenly crossed your mind? What about sumptuous Dupioni or soft Velvet? The beauty of adding bold accessories is sure to enhance your bride stride, leaving you, your mama and your cousin, too …breathless!

Just look at how these lovely ladies marvel in a colorful variation of ribbon trimmings…

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