Inspiration: Gemstone Engagement Rings

Diamond engagement rings haven’t always been the most popular gem when it comes to popping the question.  In fact, up until as recently as the 1950′s, a variety gemstones were much more common as engagement ring centerpieces. We’ve always been partial to a unique e-ring, and we’re so excited to see gemstones making a comeback! For more info on any of these gorgeous baubles, see the guide below:

Yellow Gold and Citrine Cushion Ring: Gemvara
Platinum and Blue Sapphire Garland Ring: Brilliant Earth
White Gold and Garnet Single Halo Ring: Laurie Sarah
Rose Gold and Peach Sapphire Ring: Eidel Precious
Rose Gold and Green Amethyst Melissa Ring: Gemvara
Yellow Gold and Pearl Art Nouveau Flower Ring: Neta Jewelry

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